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Holidays In The Dominican Republic – From January To June

Holidays inside the Dominican Republic are as varied and also as colorful like the country's history. Most revolve around religion and therefore are celebrated with live music, festivities, and joyous parades. 

The Dominicans kick off their year on the very first day‘s January, like most countries worldwide. They‘re no exception towards the festivities related to the celebrations from the coming from the New Year. What‘s distinct among Dominicans though is the belief the coming from the New Year ought to be celebrated with new things while discarding the old. 

Houses are cleaned and dusted inside the days preceding the New Year. Windows and doors will also be open wide, as though to invite good items to go into the homes. New brooms will also be bought to restore the old ones. These are generally placed outside the house for the remainder of the midnight and therefore are brought inside only subsequent morning. In several areas inside the country, the Cocolo Festival is held by street dancers and performers. 

Upon the 6th of January, the feast from the Three Kings is celebrated. This really is followed by Dominican Republic's most significant religious holiday – the feast of Our Lady of Altagracia upon the 21st of January. The month is ended with celebrations that honor the birthday from the man considered the architect from the country - Juan Pablo Duarte y Díez upon the Duarte Day. 

The highlight from the Dominican Republic holidays falls upon the second month from the year. It is the 'Carnival', a celebration whose history dates as far back as 1867. 

Carnival is celebrated through the entire month – on several Sundays – and climaxes upon the 27th of February, using the Dominican Republic Independence Day. Every town inside the country add their very own twist towards the holiday and everyone – local and tourists alike – are invited, actually expected, to hitch the grand parades, street dances, and activities in many towns. 

March to April 
Following the festivities from the preceding month, the Dominicans prepare to the holiest week of. During this month, 'Semana Santa' or Holy Week is celebrated starting upon the Easter Sunday and ending using the Black Saturday. Christian celebrations, however, coincide using the voodoo celebrations typical from the areas where Haitian migrants live and close to the country's borders. 

The fifth month from the year begins having a holiday – the Labor Day. The Dominicans living inside the San Felipe de Puerto Plata then celebrate the feast of San Felipe upon the 3rd day from the month. The month will be ended using the feast in honor of San Fernando, the local Parton Saint of Monte Cristi. 

June is marked by various celebrations in honor from the Parton Saints of different towns inside the Dominican Republic. People residing in San Pedro de Macoris celebrate the San Pedro Apostle de festival. On June 10, the Feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated in many towns. Upon the 13th of June, a religious festival held in honor of San Juan Batista is celebrated alongside the Fiesta Patronal of Sosua and Bonao – the feast of San Antonio. 

On the very first week from the month, Puerto Plata Cultural Festival is celebrated as well as on any date from the month, the three-day long Latin music festival kicks off inside the Santo Domingo Olympic Stadium. 

The Dominican Republic holidays continue through the entire year with celebrations from July to the final day‘s December.

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