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How to Plan a Dominican Republic Holiday Adventure

A very good vacation needs good planning. To obtain the most away from your Dominican Republic Holiday trip and avoid problems, ensure that you‘ve prepared to the trip a minimum of a month before your scheduled vacation. Planning includes acquiring a visa or tourist card, lodging, your trip's itinerary, buying tickets and in fact packing clothes. 

Visa or No Visa 
One of the most crucial things you have to examine is whether you ought to get a visa to enter Dominican Republic. There will be countries which are tied with Dominican Republic to ensure that people coming from these countries need not obtain a visa. A tourist card is required for individuals in certain countries to enter Dominican Republic. 

if you are a citizen of any of those countries, you need not apply for any visa or tourist card to enter Dominican Republic. 

• Argentina 
• Ecuador 
• Japan 
• South Korea 
• Uruguay 
• Peru 
• Israel 
• Chile 

Here is a listing of some countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Dominican Republic for tourism purposes having a tourist card only : 

• Germany 
• Australia 
• Bahamas 
• Brazil 
• Brunei 
• Croatia 
• Greece 
• El Salvador 
• United States 
• Spain 
• France 
• UK 
• Italy 
• Mexico 
• Russia 
• Thailand 
• Taiwan 
• Venezuela 
• Norway 
• United Arab Emirates 

Listed here are some countries that have to apply for any visa before entering Dominican Republic. 

• Saudi Arabia 
• Cambodia 
• People's Republic of China 
• North Korea 
• Cuba 
• Philippines 
• Haiti 
• India 
• Vietnam 
• Oman 

Requirements and Rules 

• Decree 691-07 states that citizens from the following countries : United States, European Union, Canada and Britain can enter Dominican Republic by presenting a tourism card. 

• All visitors should possess a valid passport. 

•People who wish to enter the nation for business purposes must apply for any business visa, even though you are coming given by a country which lets you enter Dominican Republic with only a tourism card. Remember that this card is perfect for tourism purposes only. 

Sewa Rumah Harian di Jogja Dekat Malioboro The approval of visa application is made by the Foreign Ministry which follows the established rules and regulations from the Consular Migration Department 

• To extend your stay inside the country, you are able to make an application for an extension in the Offices from the Directorate of Migration. 

Once you are done fixing your visa, the next matter to carry out is to look for affordable travel packages to Dominican Republic. There are many packages that you could find online. The simplest method of getting the very best package usually is to choose the places you want to reach. Look into the main tourist destinations from the country and choose the places you want to visit. With one of these places on your mind, it is simple to narrow down travel agencies that provide packages towards the places you‘ve got chosen. 

It is often simpler to travel light than continue a trip having a bulky baggage. Dominican Republic is really a tropical country. It is advisable to create light clothing and also a poncho. if you are going for the eco-trip, do not forget to create mosquito repellant and also a set of two dependable sneakers. 

Navigate to the Caribbean and maybe have a taste of their very wealthy culture. Possess a fun-filled Dominican Republic Holidays !

Holidays In The Dominican Republic In Reverence To The Lady Of Altagracia

The folks from the Dominican Republic have been shown to become devout Catholics, with almost 89% of their population submitting to Roman Catholicism. They honor several patron saints, and part of them is that the Our Lady of Altagracia. Actually, most Dominican Republic holidays are actually in respect to religion. 

Dia de la Altagracia, or Altagracia Day, is really a feast day and annual holiday inside the Dominican Republic that‘s being celebrated every January 21st. It was eventually originally held every August 15th, but was later changed to January 21st to commemorate the country’s victory during the French in 1690. 

Being regarded like the first country inside the New World to become evangelized from the Catholic Church, the Dominicans begin to see the image from the Lady of Altagracia as their spiritual mother, and like the one who watches over their land. They pay homage towards the Lady by celebrating its feast day with lots of vigils, church going, singing, dancing and candle lighting in most of the towns over the country. 


The painting depicts the Nativity scene, where it shows the Virgin Mary looking during the baby Jesus sleeping inside the manger. Her radiant eyes embody the warmth and affection that the mother gives a baby child. 

She‘s clothed having a starred blue robe, having a white scapular tied in front that seals the garment. The Dominicans distinguish the colors which are inside the Blessed Virgin’s garment like the same ones with their national flag, thus, associating their national identity using the Blessed Virgin. 


Trusted sources claim that the portrait in our Lady of Altagracia was painted towards finished from the 15th or the beginning from the 16th century. A college in Spain was said to possess kept the image, but in 1502, the brothers Alfonso and Antonio Trejo brought it into Santo Domingo. These brothers were said to become among the very first European colonizers from the island. 

The brothers then moved towards the city of Higuey, and that they made a decision to hand during the image from the Lady towards the parish church. Not long after, people coming from the island began revering the portrait from the Blessed Virgin Mary under it of Our Lady of Altagracia. The very first shrine was completed in 1572 and was consecrated towards the Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia in 1971. 

A preferred tale among the many Dominicans exemplifies their faith upon the Lady. Based on the story, there was once a merchant whose daughter has wanted to possess the portrait from the Our Lady of Altagracia.. Wanting to provides it to his daughter, the merchant searched to the portrait through the entire island of Santo Domingo, but to his dismay, he Didn‘t see it. 

He continued his search, this point moving towards the town of Higuey. He was still not successful. Not willing to reach home to his daughter without having the portrait in her hands, he spent the night in her friend’s house. As he recounts his unsuccessful journey, an old man suddenly gave him a painting and said, “This is what you‘re attempting to find. ” The portrait was indeed the image from the Our Lady of Altagracia. In the crack of dawn, the old man disappeared. 

The Dominicans revere the Blessed Lady like the protector of the land. Their victory against the French in 1690 was celebrated in honor of her, thus making that day in January 21st as her official feast day. If you‘re a devout Catholic, spending the holidays inside the Dominican Republic in homage towards the Blessed Lady is really a spiritual experience that ought to never be passed up.

Holidays In The Dominican Republic – From January To June

Holidays inside the Dominican Republic are as varied and also as colorful like the country's history. Most revolve around religion and therefore are celebrated with live music, festivities, and joyous parades. 

The Dominicans kick off their year on the very first day‘s January, like most countries worldwide. They‘re no exception towards the festivities related to the celebrations from the coming from the New Year. What‘s distinct among Dominicans though is the belief the coming from the New Year ought to be celebrated with new things while discarding the old. 

Houses are cleaned and dusted inside the days preceding the New Year. Windows and doors will also be open wide, as though to invite good items to go into the homes. New brooms will also be bought to restore the old ones. These are generally placed outside the house for the remainder of the midnight and therefore are brought inside only subsequent morning. In several areas inside the country, the Cocolo Festival is held by street dancers and performers. 

Upon the 6th of January, the feast from the Three Kings is celebrated. This really is followed by Dominican Republic's most significant religious holiday – the feast of Our Lady of Altagracia upon the 21st of January. The month is ended with celebrations that honor the birthday from the man considered the architect from the country - Juan Pablo Duarte y Díez upon the Duarte Day. 

The highlight from the Dominican Republic holidays falls upon the second month from the year. It is the 'Carnival', a celebration whose history dates as far back as 1867. 

Carnival is celebrated through the entire month – on several Sundays – and climaxes upon the 27th of February, using the Dominican Republic Independence Day. Every town inside the country add their very own twist towards the holiday and everyone – local and tourists alike – are invited, actually expected, to hitch the grand parades, street dances, and activities in many towns. 

March to April 
Following the festivities from the preceding month, the Dominicans prepare to the holiest week of. During this month, 'Semana Santa' or Holy Week is celebrated starting upon the Easter Sunday and ending using the Black Saturday. Christian celebrations, however, coincide using the voodoo celebrations typical from the areas where Haitian migrants live and close to the country's borders. 

The fifth month from the year begins having a holiday – the Labor Day. The Dominicans living inside the San Felipe de Puerto Plata then celebrate the feast of San Felipe upon the 3rd day from the month. The month will be ended using the feast in honor of San Fernando, the local Parton Saint of Monte Cristi. 

June is marked by various celebrations in honor from the Parton Saints of different towns inside the Dominican Republic. People residing in San Pedro de Macoris celebrate the San Pedro Apostle de festival. On June 10, the Feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated in many towns. Upon the 13th of June, a religious festival held in honor of San Juan Batista is celebrated alongside the Fiesta Patronal of Sosua and Bonao – the feast of San Antonio. 

On the very first week from the month, Puerto Plata Cultural Festival is celebrated as well as on any date from the month, the three-day long Latin music festival kicks off inside the Santo Domingo Olympic Stadium. 

The Dominican Republic holidays continue through the entire year with celebrations from July to the final day‘s December.

Experience Culture and Diversity in Dominican Republic Today

Thinking of a very good travel get-away? Possess a Dominican Republic holiday and experience culture and life inside the Caribbean. 

Dominican Republic prides itself using its rich culture and tourist destinations. if you are planning to visit this cool traveler's haven, continue to keep your trip more meaningful by knowing the country's background and profile. Here are a few good-to-knows about Dominican Republic that can help you appreciate your travel for this country. 

An Overview 
Dominican Republic is inside the island of Hispaniola, located inside the Greater Antilles region inside the Caribbean. It‘s a country influenced by Spanish, French, Haitian, and African cultures. Its population is extremely diverse, majority of that Europeans and Africans. You‘d also see numerous Haitians, Asians and Americans. The official language from the country is Spanish and Castilian. English, Chinese, Italian and French will also be used in several transactions especially with their popular tourist destinations. The govt is really a Representative Democracy and also the currency they use is Dominican Peso. Majority from the population is Roman Catholic. Other religions inside the country are Protestant, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist and Mormon. 

To appreciate a rustic more, it is essential that you know a couple of reasons for its history. 

Christopher Columbus reached the area in 1942 and place up the very first permanent European settlement inside the region. Santo Domingo became the capital of Dominican Republic and also the first capital of Spain inside the 

[click to edit]')" onmouseout="UnTip()">" new world ". Following the Spanish rule, French and also the Haitian took during the country. 

The nation gained independence from Haitian rule in 1844. During this time period, Dominican Republic faced numerous political strife and tyranny. Spain took over again in 1861. In 1865, Spain left the nation after 2 many years of fighting against the United States of America. 

The founding fathers of Dominican Republic are Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramon Matias Mella and Francisco Del Rosario Sanchez. The nation follows a Representative Democracy kinds of government with 3 branches, that the chief, legislative and judicial. The president and vice-president possess a 4-year term. Their government's legislature is bicameral. The senate has 32 members and also the Chamber of Deputies has 178 members. 

Election is held every 2 years alternating involving the presidential elections and also the congressional and municipal elections. Today, the president of Dominican Republic is Leonel Fernandez. 

Society, Climate and Culture 

Dominican Republic is really a tropical country. The typical temperature is 25 ° C. The coldest months are January and February as the hottest month is August. 

Dominican Republic could be viewed like a melting pot of many cultures due to the mixture of population inside the country. Visiting the nation would let you experience a blend of Spanish, French and African cultures. Dominicans adore fast and lively music, and that is represented alright by their music referred to as Merengue. Additionally they excel and therefore are passionate about baseball. 

Eco tourism is among the reasons that individuals wish to visit Dominican Republic. They pride themselves with the lovely beaches and mountain ranges. Many of the preferred places inside the country will be the towns of Jarabacoa and Constanza, Pico Duarte, Baha de las Aguilas and Puerto Plata. 

Possess a Dominican Republic holiday and find out for only yourself what this rich country has to provide.